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If you run a charity or club, you know how challenging it can be to generate brand awareness and fundraising dollars. Yard sign fundraisers are a fun and creative way to get your brand out there and for your members to show their pride! Signs can be customized with name and/or number but other customizations are also available. Just ask! We can help your ideas come to life!

HOW IT WORKS: For a minimal charge, Resource One will set up the artwork for each personalized yard sign and run the sale from our website. We will manage orders including receiving payment, printing the signs, and providing the signs to the charity or club coordinator for distribution. Once all payments have been received, Resource One will cut a check to your club or charity with the profits. Clubs have made $8-10 per sign based on each sign selling for $25 (2022-pricing, includes H-stake). Please note: 50 sign minimum order is required for production.  

Interested in learning more? Email Julie 

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